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No matter what you read in an Ebay listing or were told by a friend or read on the internet, the following pieces are all you need to convert a 67-68 fastback to have a fold down seat.


These are the three metal panels with carpet and new trim installed.  Note on the front you have two rubber bumpers that stick out, and on the back you have 2 oval chrome stop plates.  In the middle of the back panel you have a trap door latch catch.


This is the back side of the same panels above.  Note the brackets for mounting the rear most panel, the rubber bumper in the middle of the rear most panel, the hinges attached to the middle panel, and you can see the metal latch guides on the front panel.

Stop!  Before you go any further, take a good look that that middle panel.  It should look the same as the one you have now if you have a fixed seat.  Yes, they are the same.  Yes, I'll say it again, they are the same.  The hinges are the same, the panel itself is the same.  You can take apart your panel, ie, remove the painted trim, add carpet and chrome trim, and Voila', you have the middle panel to a fold down seat. 



This is the trap door, and 2 hinges, a prop rod, and a trap door latch.


This is the bracket for the trap door prop rod. 


These are the two side latch covers


These are the two side latches


These are the shims that are used for the hinges one the middle panel.  I have seen cars use none or 1, 2, even 4 shims on each side.  These are used to level the floor when the seat is folded down, the seam between the middle and rear panel in particular.



Lastly, you will need all the hardware to mount all these pieces.  I recommend buying the complete AMK fold down seat hardware kit, it has all the hardware you need.




  Below you will find a parts list with NPD part numbers and prices.  You may find the same parts elsewhere, but I shop NPD almost exclusively (sometimes I can't resist some of CJ's EBay deals).  
Parts List NPD Part # NPD Price
3 metal seat panels  NA Plan on $300 on EBay
Paint to match interior your choice $8.25 per can, plan on 3 cans
Carpet to match interior your choice $34.95 for 80/20 mix for 67, $26.95 for 100% nylon for 68
Fold down seat trim 013016-1A $229.95
Chrome oval seat support plates 60575-2A $13.95 pair
Rubber seat stop bumpers 62426-2A 6.75 pair
Side latch catches 601A68-2A $41.95 each
Side latches 61382-3C $89.95 pair
Side latch cover RH 613B26-2 $21.95
Side latch cover LH 613B27-2 $21.95
Bumper set, seat trim 372260-S $2.00 set of 4
Trap Door 45728-2C $187.95
Trap Door Hinges 45702-2A $24.95 each
Trap door prop rod 45734-2B $49.95
Trap door prop rod bracket NA Good luck finding one, it took me 2 years watching EBay to get mine.  Expect to pay $75-150 for it if you find it.
Trap door latch 45704-1A (knob), 45704-2A (loop)  $33.95, $54.95
Trap door latch catch   45746-1A $14.95
Rear panel attach brackets 0115A60-1A $14.95 pair
Rear panel rubber bumper NA $6-7 reproduction
Seat shims NA $4-5 each reproduction, $10 for original
AMK hardware kit 013013-3BK (67), 013013-4BK (68) $38 (note, trap door bumpers, set of 4), comes with this kit)
Total   Roughly $1250
  I like NPD, you may find your favorite vendor has all this stuff too, and of course you can shop around for this stuff for some good deals on ebay.  I have found that most times, good original parts almost always sell for more than what you can pay for new reproduction.  If you need original, expect to pay more than the prices above, it you want it to look nice and don't care if its all original, then the list above is pretty good.  
  One last thing... The basic structure of the car is the same for 67-68 regardless if the car came with fold down seat or not.  If you see these parts below being sold on EBay as being for a fold down seat, don't worry, you don't need them unless you are reconstructing a tubbed car or you are repairing severe rust issues.

These are all the structural brackets that are welded to the floor, wheel wells, and transition pan.  Your car already has these from the factory!!  Do not buy these unless they need to be replaced.




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