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1968 had a mid year production change with some upgrades to the fold down seat.  I have yet to determine when that change took place, and I am in the process of tracking down by specific VIN's and production dates when this changeover may have taken place at each plant.

1968 fold down seats started off identical to the 1967 fold down seats.  If you have an early 1968 fastback, select to the left the page for the 67 specific information.  I will proceed below with the details of changes that were implemented mid model year 68.

As for the seats themselves, ie, the part that gets some foam cushion and upholstery, they are all the same. If you have non-fold down seat now, donít pay shipping to buy fold down seat cushions, the ones you have now will fit just fine.

The mid year production change affected 2 pieces that I am aware of:  The side trim for the front panel was recessed around the latch hole, allowing the metal latch guide to sit flush with the rest of the trim, and the front panel rubber stop bumper was changed from the small rubber boot shaped bumper to a round circular bumper similar to what is used on the radiator support as a hood bumper.  To date every fold down seat I have found for 68 and later has used a round circular bumper, however these are not reproduced so I have been using the 66 style sold in the catalogs.

The numbers for 68 work out to be about 49% of fastbacks came with fold down seats.  Not quite 50-50, but pretty darn close.

Identifying features

All of these pictures are thumbnailed so that you can see the full resolution picture if you so choose.

Insert picture of recessed latch trim

This is the recessed trim piece for front seat panel.  This was used starting in mid-68.


For comparison, here is the 65-66 style trim (top) compared to 67-68 style trim (middle) and 69-70 style trim (bottom).  Side by side the difference is very distinct if you know what to look for.


This is the recessed trim with metal latch guide installed. Notice how the latch guide sits in the recess and is flush with the top of the rest of the trim.


Stop bumper used up through mid-68

  Insert picture of original round rubber bumper

This is the round rubber bumper that was used starting in mid-68.  They are not available in reproduction, and the replacement part currently being sold for this application is the earlier boot shaped bumper pictured above.  I found that the round hood bumper is very close to the original bumper used for the fold down seat, but have chosen to use the replacement style.  The hood bumper has the same thread and bolt size, so you could use that if you choose.  Again, neither is exact or correct, so the choice is yours.



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