Fold Down Seat Parts For Sale


Identification by Model Year

65 Identification

66 Identification

67 Identification

68 Identification

69-70 Identification

If you remember nothing else...

Top Identification Tips

Parts needed to Convert to Fold Down Seat by Model Year

67-68 Conversion

69-70 Conversion

How to restore your Fold Down Seat

Restoring main panels

Salvaging a Trap Door

How to get it in the car

How to make Adjustments

Reproduction parts evaluation

Trap Doors

Seat Trim

Repro Parts

How to make use of 65 panels

Cutting a 65 Seat

FOR SHAME!  The Ignorant or Liars

EBay Scams



No parts for sale at this time.  Please check back in early 2010.


























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