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I think most of the parts below are nicely done reproductions.  Any easily observed deviations from the original part are noted in the pictures below.  In most cases, the deviation from the original does not affect the fit of the part, nor is it noticeable unless you are comparing the two side by side.

Many of the parts below are newly reproduced by a Mustang owner who happens to own a manufacturing company.  He sells on ebay under the name fishfarts, and is also distributing to companies such as NPD and Virginia Mustang.  I have found most of his parts are very, very nicely done, and I will note below the parts he produces.


This is the trap door latch catch.  It is made by fishfarts, and is nicely done.  The only noticeable difference on the part above is that the length of the lip that bends down is slightly too long.  The mounting holes are an exact match, and the difference on the lip is not noticeable unless you have it next to an original.  These parts are used on all 65-70 fold down seats.

These are the retaining clips used for the rear most fold down panel.  The left clip as pictured is the new reproduction piece made by fishfarts.  The piece in the middle is an untouched original, with what I believe to be a phosphate and oil finish.  The piece on the right is a media blasted original with natural color paint.  The reproduction part is functionally the same as the original and is an exact fit.  While the appearance is noticeably different, this part will not be seen once the seat is installed.  These parts are used on all 65-70 fold down seats.

This is the prop rod for 69-70 trap doors.  The part is made by fishfarts and is very nicely done.  The mounting holes and base of the handle are exact.  The only difference I can tell is that the handle portion is slightly longer, noticeable on the left side as pictured where it bends down on the end.  In my opinion, this is not noticeable unless you have it next to an original.


These are the trap door hinges for 67-70.  The reproduction is made by Scott Drake.  The hinge is pretty nice, but a side by side comparison shows a difference in the profile and the contour of the bend.  The mounting holes line up and the geometry is the same.


These are the rubber bumper that go on the under side of the rear most panel.  I personally had these reproduced by a rubber manufacturing company in Indiana.  I'm proud to say they are American made by American labor.

On the left is the new piece, middle has the new piece on left as pictured, with the original piece (with glue residue) on the right, both top and bottom view.  Right pictures show the two stacked, you can see that they match up very nicely.  The rubber company matched the rubber hardness so these are pretty darn close to an exact match for a reproduction part.

These are new reproduction shims for leveling the fold down seat.  I personally had these reproduced by a machine company in Pennsylvania.  I'm proud to say they are American made by American labor.

The new piece is on the left most picture.  The next picture is a stack of 6 new shims.  Notice that with CNC machining each shim is identical.  The middle picture is of a stack of 6 original shims.  Notice the original shims are all slightly different in size, and are all slightly bent.  Picture second from right shows an original (left) and a new shim side by side.  Picture on the right is of a new shim stacked on an original shim.  They are an exact match exact for the minor stamping deviations in size.



This is the trap door latch for, well, I don't know exactly.  I've seen them as early as 67.  I know by 69 they were standard, but I've yet to determine when the changeover occured in 67 or 68.  Regardless, there is a noticeable difference in the loop handle.  Due to the way the loop is noticeably tilted forward on the reproduction, I think this is will catch the eye of somebody who knows what they are looking at. 


These are the brackets for mounting the trim panel over the trap door on 69-70 Mustangs.  These are made by a hobbyist name Bob Schaulk and sold on ebay under the name rschaulk.  He also makes the clips that follow below.  The brackets as far as I can tell are dead-on exact, with mounting holes and profiles lining up very nicely.

These are the clips that attach the trim panel over the trap door to the brackets discussed above.  The original is on the left, and the new part is on the right.  These are made by rschaulk and available on ebay or through national vendors such as NPD and Virginia Mustang.  I installed the clips to compare them.  Both snapped in and held their position.  The original clip, however, has a slightly thicker foam cushion and also has a slightly wider profile on the portion that snaps into the bracket.  The original is much more difficult to snap out of the bracket than the reproduction.  In my opinion, the reproduction will still retain the trim panel just as good as the original, and the difference will not be seen once the trim panel is installed.


These are the seat latches.  Pictured are a mix of 67-68 and 69-70.  Starting on the left is a reproduction 69-70 latch and an original latch.  Notice how the latch peg on the original is chrome plated and on the reproduction it is not.  Also noticeable is that the reproduction has slotted mounting holes.  Lastly, the phillips head of the latch handle is different in that the reproduction is grooved deeper than the original.  The only thing I really don't like about the reproduction latch is the latch peg not being chrome plated. To me that is glaringly noticeable because I like having the seat folded down and the latch peg sticks out and is easily seen.  Moving over to the right pictures, I added in the 67-68 latch.  This particular latch is original, and has had the original latch peg replated, and has a new latch handle installed.  The 67-68 latches have a distinct and easily noticed longer latch handle than the later 69-70's.  Otherwise the 67-70 latches are the same.


These are the metal latch guides for 67-70.  In the left most picture, the reproduction is on the left and the original is on the right.  In the middle picture and right picture, the reproduction is on the right.  The original latch guide was replated.  I have used the reproduction latch guides before in a pinch, but I have to say I don't really care for them.  They cost $42 each, and it costs me $40 each for the original to be replated.  At the cost of the reproductions, I'll replate every original I can get my hands on.  The quality of the chrome on the reproduction is really disappointing given the price.  As far as fit, function, and appearance, they appear to be the same.  Again, the big disappointment with this reproduction part is in the quality of the chrome.





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