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Disclaimer:  The following commentary may be viewed by some as rude or harsh.  I don't care.  I've been in this hobby a long time, and I know what its like to literally put money away every month saving up for something big, such as a fold down seat purchase.  I also know what its like to buy something and wait anxiously for it to arrive, only to be disappointed because it wasn't was it was claimed to be.  This whole site is dedicated to keeping hobbyists informed about what is what with fold down seats so that they don't lose money when they go to make that big purchase.   There's nothing anybody can do about ignorant sellers.  They are out there, caveat emptor.  But if you really think about it, any time information is deliberately withheld about an item or deliberately stated a certain way so as to mislead the buyer, that's bad business.  If you see yourself in anything I say below and get offended, too bad.  You need to go take a good look in the mirror, because you sold out a fellow hobbyist to make a buck.  Hopefully as this information gets out, there will be less of it when it comes to fold down seats.

#1 Pet Peeve:  A "Complete" 69-70 Fold Down Seat that, well, isn't "Complete,' and isn't "69-70.


Action Title "1969/1970 Mustang Fold Down Seat complete''

Here is the description ''This is a auction for a complete nice Black fold down for a fast back mustang or shelby Mach 1 or Boss car comes with the mounting hardware for the back trim piece above the trap door and all other hardware to mount it this would be a great addition to any car note the panels a re reproduction panels, you will need to replace the chrome this is my opion but I do not want any suprises from any one, not cheap but you can not find these every day''

I'm going to nitpick this one picture because it is a fantastic example of somebody selling parts on EBay who is either ignorant or a liar.  (PS, don't be offended by the word ignorant, but if you are a liar, I don't care.)

Take a good look at the spots on the carpet that I have circled.  Go back and click on the 65 page to left.  Those spots on the carpet are from the 65 style seat support plates.  Notice the new oval supports plates are included but not installed.  Why?  Go over to the cutting a 65 seat link to the left to see what you need to do to this panel to actually install those support plates, and to use it in a 69-70.

Next up is the missing side trim.  Side trim is specific to 69-70 and you can't get it new.  The only way I have gotten 69-70 side trim that wasn't attached to the seat panel I bought, was one single side piece I got off Vintage-Mustang Forum Wanted Ads.  I post a wanted ad there pretty regularly for these, and have gotten 1 single piece in over 2 years.  If you were to buy this set, I hope you don't care that it will never look absolutely correct.

Check out the trap door prop rod.  Pretty nice if this was for a 67-68, but for this auction, its the wrong part.

Not sure what's up with the 3 side latches, but doesn't matter, as they all have the longer knob that is correct for 67-68, but not for 69-70.


Hey, I'm an optimist, and generally look to the good in humanity.  In case's like this, I'd like to give the seller the benefit of the doubt.  But how can you go through the trouble to collect all those mismatched parts and really not know any better?  Again, this was a great example, I couldn't have come up with a better picture to use on my own if I tried. 



Yeah, right.  Here's a nice example from EBay.

First off, the seat is physically what it is claimed to be, ie from a 68 Mustang.  However, the guy is missing out because as it sits, it is absolutely 100% identical to 69-70 seats, so as a seller, he cut out 2/3 of his potential buyers, but that's beside the point.

Seller claims the chrome is in good condition and will clean up good.  I don't think so.  I've polished chrome like this until I was blue in the face and my arms were too sore to lift a beer.  If these parts were stainless steel, then sure, they would polish up nice.  But they're not.  They are chrome plated carbon steel, and they rust.  And having done this many times, do you know what dirty and rusty chrome looks like when you polish it?  It looks like shiney and rusty chrome, and the rust blooms back in about 5 days.


  Just to show I'm trying to be fair, I'll actually demonstrate here for you.  I happen to be working on my dad's fold down seat for his 66.  He's owned his car since 1976, and it was disassembled around 1978 to get restored.  We're still working on it, but that too is another story.  Point is, here's a nice original piece with better than average chrome.  We're not reusing this chrome because we are restoring the car to new, not settling for good used. 

The chrome has a nice 20+ year old film layer on it, much like they all do if they haven't been polished in forever.  It also has some rust pitting.  I went over a small spot with some chrome polish.  Where the rust and flaking wasn't present, the chrome polishes up real nice.  Where the rust pits where, the rust is still there, and you can still see it.  In fact, you can see it easier than if you had left it alone and not tried to polish it at all.

So, that's my pet peeve about chrome.  If it has scratches and rust pits, just call it like it is.  It will need replated or replaced for a show car or a nice driver.  But don't say it will polish up good, because the fact is it just won't.



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