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Hey, its 10 PM, you're up late, the wife is in bed, and you see a great deal on EBay with a great "Buy It Now' price, and the guy claims that its the exact fold down seat part you've been looking for the past 6 months.  Or is it.  These are my top tips for identifying which is which for 65-70 fold down seats.

65 only, rectangular seat support

66-70, oval seat support

Latch trim panels: 65-66 style trim (top) compared to 67-68 style trim (middle) and 69-70 style trim (bottom).  Side by side the difference is very distinct if you know what to look for.  (I apologize, I took pictures of the wrong side for comparison, these are driver side pieces, and the top one is a reproduction piece for 65-66 that should not have a hole it in if it were to actually be used on a 65-66 car).

Rear panels are identical except for these mounting holes for the support plates. Top (blue) is for 65. Note the screw holes to the left edge for the rectangular shaped support plate. Bottom (brown) is for 66-70. Note the holes are moved inboard about two inches, and there is a triangle cut-out for the recess in the oval shaped support plate. You can also see on the carpet how the 65 had chrome trim across the back while the 70 this particular panel came from had just the trapdoor latch catch plate.

And the big gottcha, the 71-73 with the latch post on the L-panel (or holes for it).  These panels look the same as the 65-70's, and are dimensionally the same, but don't pay $200 for a 71-73 panel that somebody called a 69-70, because when you realize your mistake and try to sell it, its only worth about 25-50 bucks.




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